Prepping Your Family to ‘Act Natural’

Prepping Your Family to ‘Act Natural’


When investing a lot in pictures, the last thing you want is your family to have fake looking smiles. Rather, you want your images to capture their true smiles, laughs and expressions. So how do you encourage that while getting ready amongst all the stress and bribery? Here are some do’s and don’ts to help.



1 – Prepare outfits and hair ahead of time. This will reduce your stress and keep everyone happy.


2 – Make sure everyone comes with a full stomach. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to give the kids during the shoot. Avoid anything that would be messy.


3 – Tell your family that it is going to be fun and to be themselves. The more relaxed they are when they arrive, the better your pictures will be.


4 – Let your photographer know if you prefer more fun and candid shots instead of serious images.



1 – Don’t get frustrated or angry with your family while preparing for the shoot. When that happens, it is very difficult to get anyone in the mood to have a laugh while their picture is being taken.


2 – Don’t get in the way of the photographer unless they ask for your help. Many times the parent telling their kids to “look at the camera and smile” invokes a forced grin. Let the photographer work with your kids to get them laughing and looking at the camera.


Trust your photographer to work with your family and make their magic. It will be easier for you and much more fun for the group!





Storing Old Photos



When storing your old photos, you want to be sure they will last for decades without damage. Here are a couple of tips that may affect the aging of your photos.


The main elements that can be damaging to your photos are light, moisture, and temperature. When storing old photos, find a place that is dark, dry, and keeps low temperatures. If photos aren’t protected by the elements in this way, they could suffer from quicker deterioration.


When storing in boxes and even photo books, look for albums or boxes that say they are acid free or archival safe. If not, they can emit gases that may damage your photographs over time.


Custom frames are safer than “off the shelf” frames. Even when purchasing in a photography store, if you buy a frame off the shelf, you could be buying one that isn’t protected with acid free processing. Watch for labels that say “acid free”, or ask the store owner which frames off the shelf will be safer for your photos. UV filtered glass will also protect your images and give them better longevity.