Finding the Light

One of the best ways you can improve your photography is to learn to understand light. Most beginners don’t know this, but the best time of day to shoot pictures is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The sun is softer and illuminates your subject straight on, which helps avoid dark under-eye circles. It is also my favorite time of the day to shoot.  Shooting in the middle of the day casts deep shadows under the eyes and nose and the available light is much harsher. Shooting in the shade is another way to escape harsh light and shadows because it creates an envelope of totally even lighting. Point your subject towards the light as opposed  to the shade.


When shooting indoors, be as close to a window as possible, then place your subject in a position where their face is getting the best possible light. This usually means they are facing the light source. If there is a light directly above their heads, have them step back a few feet so the light hits them from an angle (minimizing shadows) rather than right over their heads.


Remember when you are shooting at night that your flash can only reach a few feet. In point and shoot cameras this is generally only about 5-10 feet. Make sure you are within the flash’s reach of your camera otherwise the flash will have no affect on the picture.

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Editing Apps for Camera Phones

Camera phones seem to have taken over the point and click camera industry these days, and it’s no wonder why. The high quality images combined with the convenience of your camera, social media, email, and so many other useful tasks all in one device, I rarely see people with point and click cameras anymore.


One of the great things about using a camera phone is the option to edit your photos right from your camera. Today we’re sharing a few widely used apps that you might find useful for your everyday shooting! Most of these are compatible with all phones, and many of them do multiple tasks, not just what they are listed for.


Apps that make collages

Pic Collage

Pic Stitch

InstaCollage Pro



Apps that create words on top of your photos



Text.s on photo.s




Apps that change the colors, lighting, etc.




PS Express

Camera Plus


Apps that create scrapbooks

Mosaic Photo Books

Artifact Uprising

Groove Book

Everybody! Scrapbooking


Apps with clip art and graphics

Rhonna Designs

A Beautiful Mess

#Love Cam

Apps that create slideshows with photos



Slideshow Maker


Apps that create movies

iMovie – iPhone only

Animoto Video Maker