7 Things That Will Ruin Your Pictures

7 Things That Will Ruin Your Pictures


1 – Photo bombers

You know the drill, you’re at your child’s High School graduation, about to snap a picture of your kid and just as you push the shutter button a young teenage boy jumps into the background of your photo and totally bombs it! Watch for photo bombers in big crowds.


2 – Trees

Trees are a great addition to any photo, depending where they are placed in the composition. If you want your subject to stand by the tree, place them next to the tree, not directly in front of it. Having a big trunk coming out of their head can look terribly awkward!


3 – Awkward backgrounds

You need to update your profile picture and happen to be in the bathroom fixing your hair. You snap your own “selfie” and love the photo! Later looking back you realize that the bathroom hand dryer and feminine napkin dispenser also made it into your image. Uh-oh! Trash that one!


4 – Don’t shoot from low angles

Unless you really love the look of double chins, hold your camera above your eye level when shooting yourself, or above your subject’s eye level. This helps to thin out the face of the subject whereas shooting from below the chin puts more emphasis on the extra baggage commonly referred to as a “double chin”.


5 – Avoid shooting in direct sun

Contrary to popular belief, shooting in the direct sunlight isn’t the ideal place for lighting. It causes your subjects to squint and also creates harsh shadows under their eyes, nose and chin. Instead, look for a shady spot that is still evenly and well lit. Your subject will have a nice evenly lit face and much less squinting. Way more appealing and professional picture!


6 – Hold the camera still

Especially if you are shooting in low light situations, it’s important to hold the camera very still when shooting. Any movement from your hands can cause your photo to turn out blurry.


7 – Avoid dark situations

When you shoot in a low light situation and your not using a flash, your shutter speed will slow way down in order to get enough light on the subject. That slow shutter speed can be the reason for blurry photos. Always choose the most well lit area possible for the best quality picture!


Storing Old Photos



When storing your old photos, you want to be sure they will last for decades without damage. Here are a couple of tips that may affect the aging of your photos.


The main elements that can be damaging to your photos are light, moisture, and temperature. When storing old photos, find a place that is dark, dry, and keeps low temperatures. If photos aren’t protected by the elements in this way, they could suffer from quicker deterioration.


When storing in boxes and even photo books, look for albums or boxes that say they are acid free or archival safe. If not, they can emit gases that may damage your photographs over time.


Custom frames are safer than “off the shelf” frames. Even when purchasing in a photography store, if you buy a frame off the shelf, you could be buying one that isn’t protected with acid free processing. Watch for labels that say “acid free”, or ask the store owner which frames off the shelf will be safer for your photos. UV filtered glass will also protect your images and give them better longevity.



Shooting Kids in Sports


Taking pictures of your kids playing sports can be a really fun activity for both the athlete and the parent. However, it can also be very challenging if you don’t have the right set up with your camera. Here are a few recommendations to help you get the best shots of your kids.


When available, use a long telephoto lens. If your camera can switch lenses and has a long lens, this is a great option for capturing the action as if you were right next to your athlete.


Another tip is to shoot in the daylight for high shutter speeds and sharper images. Images shot at night or indoors can easily have motion blur because of the low light.


Cloudy days are better than sunny days. Does this sound off? It’s true! Clouds create a filter over the sun’s rays and so there are no harsh shadows. The lighting is more even all around.


Also, if you are shooting with your camera phone or a point and click, find out if you have digital zoom or optical zoom. Optical zoom will take much higher quality pictures than digital zoom.


If your child’s sport is an indoor only sport, like gymnastics, then bump up your ISO to get more light and have less blurry pictures.


And if all else fails, hire a professional!


I’ve also added a few more images that have already been taken to my art album.

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Friday Foto Tip

How many of us all have these handy smartphones with loads of precious pictures we have taken of our kids, friends, and family? I know that’s got to be about 65% of the population. Now how many of you have had to delete these precious photos to save memory or lost them because you had to upgrade etc. And you never printed these photos because you didn’t know how or didn’t have the time or equipment. I know a lot of us have had this problem.

Well I have recently learned of a company called GrooveBook.

For only $2.99 per month, this app allows you to upload your images. They print them into a book and send this book with up to 100 photos each month. Shipping is free and the photos in your book are perforated so you can tear them out and display them or give them away. It sounds a little to good to be true, right? A book of 100 of your photos, printed and shipped to you for only $2.99 a month? Well guess what? I’m gonna try it out for you and when I get my book; I’m gonna show it to you and tell you what I think about it. So, if you’re a little bit skeptical, you can see whether or not it’s worth it. If you’d like to go ahead and try GrooveBook for yourself, you can find it easily in your app store.


Today I’m gonna leave you with a couple of images I took with my GoPro yesterday. If you haven’t heard of a GoPro, well, wakeup. They are the hottest little cameras on the market. With the ability to take stunning videos and photos AND they come with a standard underwater housing for less than $500; there is no reason they shouldn’t be a hot ticket item.



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Throwback Thursday

I took this picture last year in the spring and it has always been a favorite of mine. Especially this year since the late frost killed most of my redbud buds and it barely flowered.

This was taken with my Nikon D700 and my 50mm lens at my favorite F/1.4 setting.


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